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Whether you’re dealing with explosive atmospheres or combustible dusts, working, or inspecting in confined spaces, or simply installing a gas stove—it's vital you and your team remain up to date with the latest procedures and requirements for staying safe, compliant and in high demand.

The 2021 National Fuel Gas Code

NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code, the American National Standard (ANSI Z223.1), provides comprehensive safety and performance criteria for the acceptable installation and use of gas in residences and facilities. The 2021 edition is revised and expanded to offer the most current industry-accepted requirements for piping, equipment, appliances, and accessories running on gaseous fuels to help protect against carbon monoxide, fire, explosions, and related dangers. Available in print or unlimited digital access with NFPA LiNK®!

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2021 NFPA 54
National Fuel Gas Code
2021 NFPA 54
National Fuel Gas Code Handbook

Hot Work Safety Certificate Online Training

Benefit from expert instruction in how to perform hot work safely and cultivate an injury-free workplace. NFPA Hot Work Safety Certificate Program is a cost-effective and convenient way to raise knowledge and awareness of the hazards of work sites where hot work occurs and the strategies and procedures for mitigating risks. This award-winning online course helps provide a fundamental understanding of safe hot work industry best-practices in under 2 hours and puts you in the position to earn your Hot Work Safety Certificate by completing a final assessment.

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Investing in NFPA Group On-Site, Online, or Live Virtual Training provides a competitive advantage by helping to build a more competent workforce—enabling your team to take on more complex projects by elevating its understanding of the latest codes and standards. Complement your internal safety training with high-impact instruction designed to reduce the risks of accidents, failed inspections, and costly rework. Click on the link below for assistance customizing a group online training program to your requirements.

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Explore prevention and mitigation strategies for flash-fire and explosion hazards as well as methods for maintaining a safer work environment with expert instruction on combustible dust hazards awareness, evaluation, and controls.

Online Training Series

Get up to date with NFPA 241 requirements for safeguarding people and property in buildings under construction, alteration, and demolition with 3-hour online training based on the 2019 edition of the standard.

Online Training

This training is vital for anyone responsible for hot work, along with construction managers, safety directors, fire watch team members, and others industry-wide. This accessible online training takes an in-depth look at hot work dangers along with the vital safety procedures that can help promote worker safety and reduce risks.

This training helps individuals who encounter hazardous materials on the job—but are not responsible for their management—increase their understanding of dangers and contribute to better protecting their facility.

This training meets the need for a program that helps personnel responsible for hazmat safety recognize issues and mitigate risks before they result in an emergency.

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Safety is not just our job—it's our purpose. And the more of us that work together and share our knowledge, the safer the world becomes. That's why NFPA® Individual membership is more than a professional association. You'll be part of a global community committed to the same goal—a safer world. From a 10% discount on products and solutions to NFPA Xchange™, our exclusive online platform, check out all the benefits that come with being an NFPA Individual member.

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