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Ensuring fire protection systems are properly designed, installed, and maintained is integral to building and occupant safety. NFPA offers the expertise and resources to help you and your team stay current with training and certifications and access the latest codes and standards both digitally and in printed format. Our solutions aren’t just about getting the job done, but also completing projects the best way to avoid errors, accidents, and liabilities and maximize efficiency.

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Developed by experts for experts, NFPA online learning delivers the flexibility to train your way, at your pace and convenience. We offer a variety of interactive web-based programs for providing your team with the training to help better understand their roles in safety and have the knowledge to avoid potential incidents, fines, and losses. Discover our full range of online courses focused on the design, installation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems.

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Online Training

Fully updated to the 2022 edition, this six-part training offers expert instruction in safety requirements for fire detection, signaling, and emergency communications systems to help gain a fundamental understanding of the code.

Online Training

Our newest Learning Path helps you plot your course for the WBITM Certification exam with self-paced online training featuring certification fundamentals, video demonstrations, and interactive practice and learn questions.

Online Training

Updated NFPA 20, 2022 edition training includes six one-hour learning modules providing fundamental instruction in the design, installation, and testing of stationary fire pumps to help ensure readiness and reliability and improve safety and efficiency.

Online Training

This new NFPA online course focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to assume the duties of a new fire prevention program manager (FPPM).

Online Training

From à-la-carte to all-in-one, CFPS Learning Paths offer the resources you need to prepare to earn your certification. Solutions include specialized online learning modules, training courses, practice exams, and more.

Online Training

Establish a fundamental understanding of designing, installing, and analyzing fire sprinkler systems with this six-part training series based on the latest edition of NFPA 13.

Online Training

Three-hour NFPA 25 training offers an overview of everything you need to know to help ensure water-based systems are capable of performing as intended, including ITM requirements for all different types of systems and components.

Online Training

Increase your knowledge of all aspects of fire alarm and signaling. This dynamic six-part course focuses on a variety of individual subject areas and is an ideal way to establish a foundation for additional NFPA professional fire protection training.

Online Training

NFPA online learning programs have helped dozens of Fortune 500 companies increase employee knowledge and skill in understanding and applying essential fire protection and safety requirements. To learn more about group discounts and program options, connect with a sales representative by emailing

Cursos en línea

Acceda a cursos en español de NFPA 13, NFPA 13 para Ocupaciones de Almacenamiento, NFPA 25, Fundamentos de Protección contra Incendios y Seguridad Humana, y más.

High Impact Learning, Without Leaving Home

NFPA Live Virtual Training delivers the quality of our in-person courses while eliminating travel, costs, and complex logistics involved in classroom learning. Our hand-picked subject matter experts don’t just teach the codes and standards, but also demonstrate how to perform jobs to a higher standard. Don’t let anything stand in the way of getting the training to develop professionally and elevate your team.

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Live Virtual Training

Expand your expertise in locating, interpreting, and applying NFPA 13 requirements for automatic sprinkler systems with this five-day, 20-hour program that teaches more advanced concepts through collaborative polling exercises and expert-led discussions.

Live Virtual Training

Improve your understanding of fundamental NFPA 72 concepts and criteria for fire alarm system readiness with five days and 20 hours of activity-rich virtual classroom training designed to maximize learning and engagement.

When the time is right for your organization, we are here to support you with NFPA instructor-led classroom training at your facility. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies rely on NFPA programs to increase employee knowledge and skill in understanding and applying essential fire protection systems requirements.

NFPA LiNK®: On-the-Go Digital Access to Maximize Efficiency

The dynamic new NFPA digital information delivery platform helps keep the right answers at your fingertips wherever your work takes you. You get real-time access to crucial fire protection codes and standards as well as dynamic search functionality, bookmarking, and collaboration tools to put your capabilities on the cutting edge and give your operation a competitive advantage. Explore the full list of publications available in NFPA LiNK. Individual subscriptions start as low as $9.99/month.

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Cybersecurity for Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems are increasingly networked to building control systems (BCS), Internet of Things (IoT), and other platforms that are, by design or oversight, exposed to the public-facing Internet. This emerging environment exposes fire protection systems to unique and novel cyber vulnerabilities and attacks that have the potential for significant consequences. Watch this webinar to hear a panel discussion on the expanding cyber vulnerabilities and insider threats for fire protection systems, the severity of consequences, tactics to mitigate these threats, the role of codes and standards, and how we move forward as a community to reduce these risks.

Validate Your Knowledge and Experience

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Grow your career with NFPA certifications and verify your proficiency in critical professional competencies. We offer a variety of programs that provide the confidence you and your team can help ensure fire protection systems are properly designed, installed, and maintained.


Review of Alarm Technologies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Populations (2021)
This report reviews the currently available alarm technologies for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community and identifies their respective characteristics, use cases, regulations, and approval processes.
Carbon Monoxide Detection and Alarm Requirements: Literature Review (2021)
This report summarizes the current requirements for installation of carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in various occupancies through a literature review of applicable codes and standards, as well as state regulations.
Protection of Storage Under Sloped Ceilings Phase III: Large Scale Testing Summary and Guidance (2020)
This report provides new information pertaining to the effect of sloped ceilings and sprinkler installation orientations on suppression performance.
Obstructions and Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers (2020)
This report offers recommendations and a tool that simplifies the decision-making process for placement of early suppression fast response (ESFR) sprinklers in relation to obstructions in a warehouse setting.
Impact of Elevated Walkways in Storage on Sprinkler Protection - Phase 1 (2020)
This report addresses the issue of how elevated walkways and mezzanines can impact sprinkler protection in warehouses.
Evaluation of the Fire Protection Effectiveness of Fluorine Free Firefighting Foams (2020)
This report summarizes the results of an investigation into the firefighting capabilities for four fluorine free foams and one short chain C6 AFFF formulation (for baseline) as a function of application rate (gpm/ft2) and discharge density (gal/ft2) for a range of test parameters including fuel type, water type, and fuel temperature.

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