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Get Ready! Preparing Your Community For a Disaster

Get Ready! was developed by NFPA, and made possible by the Fire Prevention and Safety Grant funding through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Office of Domestic Preparedness.

Preparing Your Community For a Disaster

Recent disasters have shown just how much communities count on their firefighters and other first responders to keep them safe and protected. But they have also revealed the strains placed on our emergency personnel during times of crisis. Today, more than ever, first responders and local residents must work together to prepare their cities and towns for disaster.

For firefighters that means reaching out to members of their communities with essential safety information. To aid in this life-saving work, NFPA has developed a comprehensive guide for fire departments. The goal is simple: to give firefighters and other first responders the tools they need to help local residents prepare for disaster — before disaster strikes.

Here are the materials you'll need:

Fact sheets

All of the fact sheets are offered in PDF format. You can download all of the fact sheets in one file: English, Spanish

Download individual fact sheets below:


Disaster relief aid


Extreme heat


Hazardous materials

Home fires



National security

Nuclear incidents

Older adults

People with disabilities






Winter storms


All of the handouts are in PDF format. NOTE: Download all three handouts in one file: English, Spanish 

Download individual handouts below:

Emergency plan cards

Emergency plan form

Emergency supplies kit

Evaluation materials

All of the evaluation materials are in PDF format. NOTE: Download all three evaluation forms in one file: English 

Download individual materials below:

Presentation evaluation

Post-presentation survey

Post-presentation survey letter