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Keeping Your Community Safe and Energized

safe and energized

Flipping a light switch. Plugging in a coffeemaker. Charging a laptop computer. These activities are second nature for most of us. Electrical appliances and devices make our lives easier. However, our trust in them should not be absolute. Electricity is safe to have in the home if it is treated with respect. NFPA needs your help to ground your community in the basics of electrical safety. 

Talking about electrical safety

For families
Printable safety spots (PSA cartoons)
Easy-to-read handouts in different languages

NFPA is encouraging you to get grounded in the basics of electrical safety. 

Local media can help your community stay safe and energized
Customize these resources and work with local media to help spread the word about electrical safety.

Fill-in-the-blank news releases

Fill-in-the-blank byline articles

Fill-in-the-blank letters to the editor

NFPA reports