After losing their home in a fire, Michelle Allyn and her daughters decided to install fire sprinklers in their new dwelling.

"If my kids were home alone and something happened, they would have time to get out of the house during a fire. I now have a lot more peace of mind."

Names: Michelle Allyn and her two daughters, Aaliyah and Lexie Brittian
Date of fire: October 8, 2014 
Location: Lisbon, Connecticut 

Michelle Allyn and her two daughters were settling in for the night when Michelle heard a strange sound coming from outside. She opened her front door and noticed her entire carport on fire. The family safely escaped the blaze, but the home was a total loss. After learning about the importance of fire sprinklers, Allyn decided to install this technology in her new home, built on the same lot as her old home. In this video, the family discusses the painstaking process of regrouping after a fire and the security of living in a sprinklered home.