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Dr. James Gallagher and Jamie Heffernan

Burn care specialists detail the painful--and sometimes lifelong--realities of home fire survivors.

"One home fire can unfortunately fill our unit."

Name: Dr. James Gallagher & Jamie Heffernan
Location: William Randolph Hearst Burn Center, New York City

On average, nearly 13,000 people are injured in home fires each year. Burn injuries are one of the most catastrophic injuries to treat, yet there are only about 130 burn centers in the U.S. Giving a glimpse of what burn survivors endure in these settings post-fire is Dr. James Gallagher, a burn surgeon at the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center in New York City. Gallagher describes the arduous process of burn treatment and care from smoke inhalation. Jamie Heffernan, the center's patient care director, also notes that each patient will encounter a barrage of specialists each day while in the burn unit. 

The following video underscores the aftermath their patients face and the healing power of linking survivors with their peers:

The solution to reduce home fire injuries exists. Home fire sprinklers play a significant role in reducing death and injury from fire. Take action to underscore the realities of home fire and the necessity of fire sprinklers in new homes. Please share these videos.

Both videos were produced through a collaboration with NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative and the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.