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Home fire sprinklers are a crucial, life-saving technology, since the risk of dying in a reported home fire is 85 percent lower if sprinklers are present.

NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative is an advocacy campaign aimed at increasing the number of new, one- and two-family homes protected by fire sprinklers. It helps stakeholders navigate the code-making and legislative process to get fire sprinkler requirements for new homes passed in their communities. The initiative offers an array of free research, resources, and on-the-ground support that can help sprinkler advocates underscore the life-saving impact of home fire sprinklers. NFPA also assists sprinkler coalitions in convincing the public and their decision makers that sprinklers are needed in homes, where people have the greatest risk of dying from fire.

Home Fire Sprinkler Week

May 14-20, 2023
Together we can bring our digital voices and spread the word about the life saving benefits of home fire sprinklers. 
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Every home fire has a story

NFPA's Faces of Fire campaign underscores the impact of home fires on people, families, and whole communities. Hear from burn survivors whose lives have been altered by fire and fire service members with career-ending injuries. Adding to these stories of loss are homeowners saved by fire sprinklers and builders who have embraced this technology, which can significantly reduce the risk of injuries or loss from a fire.

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NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative offers an array of free information to help convince lawmakers and code-adopting bodies that sprinklers are necessary, life-saving devices.

About Home Fire Sprinklers

Learn some basic facts about home fire sprinklers

Home Fire Sprinklers: A Media Guide

This guide offers advice on how to craft key sprinkler messages to the media. 

Sprinkler Successes in One- and Two-Family Homes

These stories document the life-saving capabilities of these systems and serve as testimonies that can effect legislative change.

The Truth About Home Fire Sprinklers

It is important to address key myths often raised by sprinkler opponents.

Home fire sprinkler installation

Looking for information on fire sprinkler installation requirements?

NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative offers general information on requirements in NFPA 13D, Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes. Learn about sprinkler freeze protection, areas of the home where fire sprinklers are required or not required, and common questions pertaining to provisions.

Also see our latest blog post: 2022 NFPA 13D Annex B includes Incentives for Builders, Developers, and Communities

Fire sprinkler coalition map

Fire Sprinkler Coalitions

NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative provides links to state- and province-based coalitions dedicated to advocating for home fire sprinklers. Contact one of our specialists who can provide you with the advocacy tools you need to get local governments to require fire sprinklers in all new one- and two-family homes in your state.

See a list of coalitions

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) is a leading resource for accurate, non-commercial information and materials about home fire sprinklers for consumers, the fire service, builders, and other professionals. As a founding member of HFSC and president of the Board, NFPA shares the coalition’s mission of raising awareness of the life-saving technology of home sprinklers and its commitment to grassroots fire safety education and emphasis on digital and online resources to help support its messaging. Learn more about HFSC and get free resources at homefirepsrinkler.org.

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Contact the Fire Sprinkler Initiative

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