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Check out our lesson plans and tips for teaching youth about wildfire.

Lesson plans for TakeAction campaign

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Do you know how fast a wildfire moves? The damage it can cause? What you can do to make yourself safer? Find out the answers to all these questions by taking a virtual field trip to the scene of a wildfire. Learn what happens to people, property and natural areas one year, five years and ten years after a major wildfire.

Okanogan County, WA – One year after a wildfire

Peggy Kelly and her husband Noble tell you about their experience during the Okanogan County, Washington Fire and how they protected their home. Download the lesson plan.

Bastrop, TX – Five years after a wildfire 

Kari Hines is a wildfire specialist with the Texas A&M Forest Service who can tell you about how low-intensity wildfires are a part of the natural process, how forests recover from wildfire, and how people can protect their homes from fire. Download the lesson plan.

Southern California – Ten years after a wildfire

The Cedar Fire in San Diego, California, destroyed many homes and even damaged a watershed. Fire Captain Kendall Bortisser and land manager Glenn Barley talk about how important it is to prepare homes for wildfire, and what people can do to lower the risk of a high intensity wildfire that can affect water supply for people and animals. Download the lesson plan.