Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of the Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF or the Foundation) shall provide oversight on research programs undertaken by the Foundation to ensure that such programs (a) support the mission of the Foundation to plan, manage and communicate research in support of the NFPA mission, and (b) provide input to the research planning process.


ActivitiesThe RAC will make recommendations as needed regarding:

  • Provide feedback on research projects and proposed research ideas;
  • Assist the Foundation with identifying research opportunities and emerging issues;
  • Inform the Foundation's global strategy and initiatives;
  • Provide guidance on the Foundation’s Policies and procedures for the conduct of research projects.

Value: As an RAC member, the member will have an opportunity to:

  • Learn about FPRF research activities
  • Provide feedback on the FPRF research activities
  • Help identify emerging issues, future research and collaboration opportunities
  • Assist with prioritization of research ideas considered by FPRF
Current members of FPRF Research Advisory Committee
  • Richard Gallagher, Zurich Services
  • Chris Jelenewicz, Society of Fire Protection Engineers 
  • Matt Hinds-Aldrich, American Association of Insurance Services 
  • Sara Jahnke, NDRI-USA, Chair Research Advisory Committee
  • Pedro Reszka, Adolfo Ibáñez University 
  • Enrico Ronchi, Lund University 
  • Richard Walls, Stellenbosch University 
  • Albert Simeoni, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Danielle Antonellis, Kindling
Liaison members
  • Birgitte Messerschmidt, NFPA Director, Applied Research
  • Susan Lamont, Arup, Research Foundation Board of Trustees