NFPA Community Risk Assessment Pilot Project

Dashboard Generator

Thank you for participating in the NFPA Community Risk Assessment Pilot project!

As a participant, your community will have access to a customized dashboard, aligned to NFPA 1300, the national standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development, for 3 months. Your NFPA CRA dashboard has many unique qualities including:

  • alignment to all 9 Community Profiles outlined in NFPA 1300 to encourage an all-hazards approach to CRR,
  • a user-friendly format with easy-to-navigate visuals and supportive content to explain the data,
  • ·visualizations that incorporate multiple years of data which enable users to discover trends and changes over time, so decisions are never made based on a single data point,
  • a mobile-friendly format to ensure access on any device,
  • ADA compliance to ensure accessibility for a wide audience,
  • easy-to-export visualizations can enhance reports and presentations,
  • a variety of visualizations including maps, charts, and graphs to tell a clear data story. 

Helpful Hints:

If your coverage area extends outside of city or county lines, selecting up to three locations will help you to create more accurate maps.

You may not need to select additional locations if your service area aligns with with city or county borders.

Click around and toggle through the different options until you see the boundaries that best reflect your service area.

Your NFPA CRA dashboard is almost ready. There is one more step: Boundary Selection.

Once you select boundaries, we can finalize the maps in your dashboard.

Ready to get started? Follow the directions below to access your dashboard.

  1. Enter an address or location name in the search bar.
  2. Select a location by clicking on the map.
    - You can select up to 2 additional locations.
    - Use the menu in the legend to change from Place (city boundaries) to County boundaries or even County Subdivision boundaries (optional). Toggle between the different options and select up to 3.
  3. Click on "Request Dashboard".
  4. Enter your name, email, and organization information.
  5. Click on “Submit" to send your request.
  6. Your Dashboard will be delivered via email.



Need help? Watch the tutorial.

CRA Pilot Instructions