New NFPA Certification and Learning Path Helps Professionals Demonstrate Proficiency as Water-Based Systems Designers

July 19, 2022 -- The National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) has launched a new Certified Water-Based Systems Professional (CWBSP) Learning Path to help professionals prepare for an advanced certification exam in the design and review of safe and effective water-based fire suppression systems.

The CWBSP Learning Path gives eligible certification candidates the opportunity to increase their proficiency as a water-based systems designer and thoroughly prepare for the Certified Water-Based Systems Professional (CWBSP) exam, available to take online or at hundreds of in-person testing sites worldwide. In addition to successfully passing the exam, to earn the certification candidates must have a minimum of five years of relevant work experience and obtain an attestation from a supervisor or employer. The certification is also an invaluable metric for employers and clients to gauge qualifications and make hiring decisions easier in today’s robust job market.

Students who participate in the CWBSP Online Learning Path can review the layout and design requirements for fire suppression systems, including sprinkler, standpipe, and underground systems. They also can examine design considerations for fire pumps, water tanks, and hangers. Interactive exercises, real-life scenarios, and short videos give students the opportunity to reinforce what they have learned. The CWBSP Learning Path includes a practice test component and a final Capstone activity so students can assess their progress before taking the exam.

All participants of the CWBSP Learning Path will receive one year of access to exclusive online content and lessons developed by NFPA experts who have an intimate understanding of codes and standards and how they work together to support professional credentialing. With the flexibility of self-paced studying options, CWBSP candidates will have a better understanding of relevant NFPA standards as they study and prepare to take the certification exam.

“The NFPA Certified Water-Based Systems Professional credential was created in 2018 after discussions with leaders in the field of water-based systems design who indicated a strong desire for a credential that will assess and verify the knowledge and expertise necessary to be a water-based systems designer,” said Dan Pickel, NFPA director of certification and accreditation. “The CWBSP was then developed in consultation with professionals from a wide variety of specialties, which helped us to create effective content and context for this new certification offering that can help professionals meet and exceed their career goals and give employers a benchmark to hire the most qualified candidates.”

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