NFPA to host “Outthink Wildfire: Identifying Solutions to End Community Loss” on Tuesday, March 15 as final session of its 125th Anniversary Conference Series; registration for the FREE full-day program is now open

February 23, 2022 – On Tuesday, March 15, the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) is hosting Outthink Wildfire: Identifying Solutions to End Community Loss,” a FREE one-day program that addresses new, innovative approaches for effectively combating today’s wildfire challenges. The program is part of the association’s virtual 125th Anniversary Conference Series, which launched last May, replacing the traditional in-person 2021 NFPA Conference & Expo. The upcoming wildfire program represents the last of the year-long series.

“The 125th Annual Conference Series has served as a unique opportunity to offer a more tailored, personalized experience for participants, and it has turned out to be a highly valuable effort,” said NFPA President & CEO Jim Pauley. “From comprehensive workshops to discussions, each monthly program has delivered a targeted approach to specific audiences, addressing timely issues our stakeholders are facing. I’m confident that the March focus on wildfires will be a strong close to the series.”

“Outthink Wildfire: Identifying Solutions to End Community Loss” will cover a wide range of topics, including strategies to better educate the public about real vs. perceived risk to wildfire; data and research that debunk common myths about wildfire; policy changes needed in specific states to strengthen wildfire readiness; and the importance of adequate insurance coverage for homeowners and the resilience of communities as a whole.

The full session list with descriptions of each is now available; registration to attend the event is open.

Attendees can tune in live to earn up to five credit hours (0.5 CEU) and earn an additional five credit hours on-demand for a total of 10 credit hours (1.0 CEU). Alternatively, the content can all be viewed on-demand for a total of 10 credit hours (1.0 CEU). All programs will be available on-demand for up to a year starting on June 22.

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