NFPA seeks nominations for James M. Shannon Advocacy Medal Award, which honors significant contributions in fire safety advocacy efforts

January 27, 2022 – The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is calling for nominations for the 2022 James M. Shannon Advocacy Medal, which recognizes fire and life safety advocates who have made significant contributions in lessening losses from fire, electrical, and other hazards.

Named for former NFPA President James Shannon, the award honors individuals or groups that champion cost-effective efforts and collaboration, while furthering NFPA’s mission. As part of his long list of advocacy achievements in fire loss reduction, Shannon led the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes, paving the way for legislation on minimum fire safety standards for cigarettes in each state.

“This reward is to give thanks to all the recipients for taking action to improve life safety,” says Lorraine Carli, NFPA vice president of Outreach and Advocacy. “The hard work and dedication these recipients display towards improving safety in communities is invaluable.”

NFPA considers nominees who are members of the fire service or any individual or group whose advocacy efforts meet the award’s criteria. The medal recipient will be announced later in 2022. Previous recipients have worked to increase use of sprinklers, advocated for the use of updated codes, and other activities.

The nominee application is available for download and can be sent to until the submission period closes on February 18, 2022.

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