Winter 2021

Fire safety in an increasingly urbanized world, putting a stop to human human trafficking, Beirut a year after its catastrophic port blast, flood risk in the United States, and much more.


ESS Guidance Needed

After a 2019 explosion in Arizona, experts say safety guidance is needed for energy storage systems

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking doesn't only happen in the shadows—and responders, inspectors, and other safety professionals have a role to play in stopping it

Century of Safety

100 years after the creation of NFPA’s standard for gas hazards on vessels, marine safety issues remain as critical as ever

Ultra Urban

Fire safety in a rapidly urbanizing world

In Compliance

Secondary Power

Secondary power supply is a key consideration of fire alarm reliability

The COVID Effect

Office fire and life safety in the age of the hybrid workplace

EVs and the NEC

Why an up-to-date NEC is critical to create EV infrastructure

Adapting to Change

Sprinkler considerations for evolving office spaces


Research: Older, Alone, At Risk

A new NFPA report reveals significant fire risks for seniors

Outreach: Preventing the Preventable

What a Chicago report tells us about the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem

Wildfire: Real Answers

Western US lawmakers take bold steps toward reducing wildfire risk


First Word: Where We're At

NFPA President Jim Pauley on the state of the organization

Perspectives: 'City in a Coma'

A conversation about safety in Beirut after the devastating 2020 port explosion

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Our Future, Our Floods

What can emergency management officials do to address the threat of flooding?

Looking Back: Big Burns

100 years later: the 1921 National Fire Control Conference