March/April 2020

In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the growing world of 3D-printed buildings, a new and controversial proposal to haul large amounts of liquefied natural gas on trains in the United States, and how one massive fire 40 years ago affected a tiny town in Canada. PLUS: A conversation about recovery in Australia in the wake of its devastating wildfire season, #StrongAugusta, and more.


LNG By Rail

A proposal to allow bulk shipments of LNG on US railroads has sparked criticism and raised concerns among first responders. How should the safety community prepare?

3D-Printed Building Safety

3D printing is now being used to construct full-sized houses, offices, and other buildings. As the industry gears up for a rapid expansion, guidance is needed to ensure these structures are safe.

Chapais Revisited

Forty years ago, a small town in the Canadian province of Quebec became the site of a fire that killed scores. A new book examines the lasting impact that fire had on that tiny, insular community.

In Compliance

Holistic Compliance

Code compliance means using the entire code—not just a piece of it

Disaster Ready

Creating effective emergency management programs for hospitals

The Value of Training

How much electrical safety training do you need? More than you might think.

Airport Safety

Designing a fire protection system for an airport terminal building using standards such as NFPA 13 and NFPA 415


Responder: NFPA 3000

Getting started with NFPA 3000 can be as simple as asking a couple of key questions

Research: Wildfire 101

An ambitious new international research project seeks key wildfire answers

Outreach: High Consequence

Fast-burning modern furniture make home fire sprinklers vital

Wildfire: A Path Forward

Experts from a range of fields are coming together to find new approaches to the wildfire problem


First Word: The NFPA Network

NFPA president details the new NFPA Network newsletter

Perspectives: Australian Bushfires

Will the historic Australian bushfires be a catalyst for change? One activist is hopeful.

News + Analysis

Dispatches: The Augusta Project

Augusta, Georgia, embarks on a yearlong journey to implement NFPA 3000 and prepare for active shooter events

Looking Back: Trapped

On April 21, 1930, the Ohio State Penitentiary fire killed over 300 people