NFPA Journal Cover November December 2018
November/December 2018 Protection Systems

In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the new-and-improved NFPA 150, Fire and Life Safety in Animal Housing Facilities Code, referred to by some as the "Critter Life Safety Code"; a successful project to install smoke alarms in a shantytown in South Africa; and expert reactions to the catastrophic Brazil museum fire. PLUS the 2017 Firefighter Injuries and Large-Loss Fires and Explosions reports; and more.


The Critter Life Safety Code

When a building's occupants have hooves, scales, tails, and feathers, many standard fire protection methods simply don't work. How a revamped NFPA code could help bolster animal safety.

Shantytown Safety

How a project to install smoke alarms in a shantytown in South Africa promises a safer future for the country—and for millions of people around the world.

Large-Loss Fires 2017

Large-loss fires in 2017 killed 52, injured 233, and inflicted over $12 billion in damage.

US Firefighter Injuries 2017

Nearly 59,000 firefighters were injured in the line of duty in 2017, a 5 percent decrease over last year's numbers.

In Compliance


The importance of understanding wiring reliability and performance.

NFPA 101

NFPA 101, NFPA 25, and fire protection system impairments.


Rethinking online electrical safety training.


Back to basics: Sprinkler types and sprinkler systems.


Safety Policy

State legislatures are micromanaging the code update process, delaying adoption and putting lives at risk.


United support for the Assistance to Firefighters Grant is one way for the fire service to honor fallen heroes.


How Hong Kong’s fire department honors tradition while looking forward.


A meeting of burn survivors underscores the power of personal stories to support fire safety advocacy.


How a wildfire group in Hawaii bridged a class divide to address a local fire hazard.

First Responder

Why all fire departments should consider investing in total wellness programs.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley reflects on NFPA Journal's recent honors.


A non-cisgendered firefighter shares her story of finding acceptance in the UK fire service.


Feedback from the NFPA Journal audience.

News + Analysis


Brazil's museum fire illustrates the fire problem in historic buildings; a recap of the 2018 Urban Fire Forum; and more.


Fire incidents from across the country.

Looking Back

A mine explosion kills scores in Farmington, West Virginia, in November 1968.