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March/April 2018 Industrial & Storage Occupancies

In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the rapidly emerging commercial space industry and the growing need for more spaceports across the U.S. As more privately built spaceports to launch rockets are proposed, some experts worry about a lack of safety guidance. PLUS: fire safety in craft distilleries, UL's new smoke alarm standards and what they mean for the public, and much more.



As the commercial space industry blossoms and more privately run spaceports are proposed, some worry about a lack of guidance for the construction and management of the facilities.

Safe Distilling

As the craft distilling industry grows, concerns are mounting about how to better protect the facilities from fire and other hazards. Guidance from NFPA may be part of the solution.

UL Smoke alarm

Smoke alarms that know the difference between burning food and burning furniture will soon be the standard. What it means for consumers and public safety advocates, and how researchers made it happen

In Compliance


Application challenges of industrial fire alarm systems.

NFPA 101

Maximum allowable quantities and protection levels in high-hazard occupancies.


A revision to allow responders to shut off electrical power to dwellings.


How commodity classification affects the design of sprinkler systems.



The risk of death during a fire today is higher now than in 1980. Why aren’t we talking about it?

Safety Policy

California homeowners could be facing a looming crisis—and an opportunity for positive change.


What makes an ideal fire and life safety ecosystem? NFPA aims to find out.


Predictive analytics could help rewrite the rules on inspection, testing, and maintenance for fire systems.

First Responder

After 43 years, a former chief says goodbye to the fire service and NFPA with some words of advice.


How volunteer community wildfire programs reduce risk and help advocates achieve sensible regulation.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley on ways the safety ecosystem in being undermined.


Amazon houses most of its diverse inventory in massive warehouses across the globe. How does the company protect it all from fire?


Feedback from the NFPA Journal audience.

News + Analysis


How NBC's 'This Is Us' sparked a national conversation on fire and life safety, Elon Musk's flamethrowers, and more.


Fire incidents from across the country.

Looking Back

The Long Beach earthquake of 1933 killed scores and toppled buildings in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.