NFPA Journal cover September October 2017
September/October 2017 Educational, government, civic, and cultural occupancies

In this issue, NFPA Journal explores the causes behind the recent spate of fires in buildings under construction, and looks at the global problem of combustible exterior wall assemblies, which is largely blamed for London’s tragic Grenfell Tower fire. Plus: the 2016 Fire Loss Report; the 2016 Catastrophic and Multiple-Death Fires Report; the science of flame jetting; electric shock drownings; and more.


Construction Threat

Massive fires in buildings under construction have public safety and fire service officials alarmed. What can be done to prevent these destructive blazes?

After Grenfell

Hundreds of residential towers around the world may have combustible exterior wall assemblies similar to the one blamed in the deadly Grenfell fire in London.

Flame Jetting

A murder case in Michigan led to a greater understanding of the phenomenon of flame jetting and the simple, inexpensive solution that can prevent it.

2016 Catastrophic Multiple Death Fire Report

A total of 160 people were killed in the nation’s 21 most severe loss-of-life fires last year, none worse than the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland.

2016 US Fire Loss Report

More than 1.3 million fires were reported in the U.S. last year, resulting in an estimated 3,390 civilian deaths—the highest fatality numbers since 2008.

In Compliance


Installing detection and alarm systems in culturally significant buildings.

NFPA 101

Who is and who isn’t qualified to perform fire door inspections?


New NEC® provisions improve electrical safety around water.


Should plumbers be allowed to install home fire sprinklers?



Citizens believe their governments keep up with current safety codes. The reality is very different.

Washington D.C.

A fond farewell from NFPA’s longtime government affairs director, and a plea for all to stay engaged.


After a string of recent tragedies, is the world finally ready to do what’s needed to protect people?


The Grenfell Tower fire is a wake up call that will lead to sweeping positive fire safety changes.

First Responder

How can we eliminate injuries and death in firefighter training exercises?


The tragedy in Portugal demonstrates the urgent need for wildfire evacuation planning.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley on the new National Center for Fire and Life Safety.


What if nobody moves to the exits? Why the best safety systems account for the human factor.

News + Analysis


A new landmark study plots strategies to eliminate electric shock drowning.


Fire incidents from across the country.

Looking Back

Remembering Maine’s Great Fires of 1947.