Author(s): James Pauley. Published on July 1, 2017.

It’s About You and Us


Two years ago, at our Conference & Expo in Chicago, I said that if we want to get closer to our vision of eliminating loss from fire and other hazards we need to have a deeper engagement with all of you, our stakeholders.

Since then, we’ve done exactly that. We put segment directors in place to ensure that we have a continuous dialogue with you and that we have a way to bring your feedback directly into our operations. We put our tech leads in place to have technical expertise that is focused on providing solutions to the challenges you have identified. We created first responder and enforcer forums that are focused on listening to you, having you tell us what you are faced with and what you need to be more effective in your jobs. As I travel around, folks share with me that they notice we are different. NFPA is listening and responding. We have always said that we can’t do this alone. But today NFPA is working even harder at working together.

Last month at our 2017 Conference & Expo here in Boston, I was very excited to unveil how we are portraying this. At our general session, we showed a video that featured real stakeholders doing real jobs that save lives. The common thread is that each of those stakeholders relies on NFPA information and knowledge to be successful. We believe that only by working together can we—from electricians to engineers to first responders—build a network of intelligence to keep our increasingly complex world safe. NFPA is committed to leading this charge, working tirelessly with tradespeople and professionals to stay ahead of the problems and to create real-time solutions to prevent loss to life and property. You can see the video at

You will see the importance of this effort woven through everything we do at NFPA. It will be evident in the materials we produce, in the information and knowledge that we share, and in the way we interact with all of you.

In 1896, a small group of individuals gathered in Boston to make a difference in fire and life safety. Today, there are more than 55,000 dedicated NFPA members that are out to do the same thing. The challenges we face are more complex and move at a much faster pace than ever before. Each of us can make a small difference on our own, but together we can do more—saving more lives and protecting more property from loss. The we is essential: the more we do together, the more we can accomplish.

It’s a big world. Let’s protect it together.