ESS Prep

Battery-powered energy storage systems
are cropping up everywhere. For the fire
service, improved ESS training and
regulation are keys to a safe coexistence
with this evolving and complex hazard.

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Under Fire

On the eve of yet another punishing Russian offensive, a top-ranking official with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine talks to NFPA Journal about the realities faced by firefighters in a war zone

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Letter from Grizzly Flats
The manager of NFPA’s Firewise USA program recounts a recent visit to a fire-ravaged California town. Read article.

A Little Help
As the number of people over 65 rises, NFPA is taking a new approach to try to prevent falls and fires. Read article.


An Arc-Flash Survivor’s Story

In 2011, longtime electrician Brandon Schroeder was involved in an accident on the job that left him severely burned and without the use of his hand. After a long and grueling recovery, Schroeder became a vocal advocate for electrical worker safety and now travels the country to offer his own story as a warning. In honor of Electrical Safety Month, we invited Schroeder on the podcast to discuss his accident, the realities of safety culture on job sites, and what he sees as some of the main challenges to improving safety for workers.


The History and Evolution of Burn Treatment
In this episode of Learn Something New by NFPA Journal, we examine the history and evolution of burn treatment, from smearing alcohol, mud, and feces on burns to cutting-edge skin graft surgeries and antibiotic infusions.


The US government has ramped up funding and manpower to combat the worsening wildfire crisis

‘Doing It Better’

Lori Moore-Merrell, the new US Fire Administrator, discusses 2022 priorities, challenges, and more

Virtual Solution
For the fire service, virtual and augmented reality tech could supplement live training

ITM Updates
Six key proposed changes to the 2023 edition of NFPA 25

Following a fatal 2019 gas blast, a Maine law takes effect requiring gas detectors in buildings where appliances that use natural gas or propane are located. The November/December 2020 issue of NFPA Journal included a feature story on the importance of gas detection systems; read the article at

As Typhoon Rai bore down on the Philippines, a priest holds mass in defiance of evacuation orders. Video shows powerful winds and rains sweeping through the church as the priest speaks to empty pews. Watch a video. 

NFPA and vipHomeLink announce a partnership to bring world-class fire, life, and electrical safety information from NFPA to homeowners using vipHomeLink’s digital platform. Read more.

Investment in safety cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS  
After a string of costly shipboard fires, the US Navy forms a group of professionals to oversee bolstering fire safety on ships. The group will primarily focus on preventing hot work and electrical fires. Read more.

Preparedness and emergency response cog ECOSYSTEM SUCCESS 
Volunteer firefighter Tyler Hicks of Rudd, Iowa, keeps a tornado siren wailing by hand as historic storms rocked the northern Iowa city in December. “I signed up to do this, and that was my job that night,” Hicks tells local reporters. Read more.

Code compliance cog ECOSYSTEM FAIL 
Officials say heat lamps at a marijuana grow facility illegally located in the basement of a residential property in Foxboro, Massachusetts, sparked a mid-December blaze that displaced a dozen residents. Read more.
NFPA helps shape an ambitious global initiative designed to improve fire safety in the built environment over the next decade. Read more.
An innovative new tool uses virtual reality to convey the power of side-by-side burns—and to demonstrate the essential value of home fire sprinklers. Read more.
Why is there such a shortage of skilled, trained professionals who can design and build wildfire-safe buildings? Read more.

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