Are you working with or operating an Energy Storage System site? Help us define the landscape, by participating in this questionnaire

Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are a critical part of today's dramatic push for sustainable & renewable electrical energy.  As a result, these systems are proliferating at an exponential pace. While the fire protection and emergency response communities are working with ESS providers and others to ensure acceptably safe installations, there are still gaps in the fundamental understanding of the hazard of li-ion ESS and serious safety questions remain unanswered. Thus, it is imperative for the full landscape of battery ESS hazards and mitigation strategies to be thoroughly defined, reviewed, and communicated to the energy storage and fire safety communities to support safe proliferation of these units.

To further advance the safe proliferation of these systems, the Fire Protection Research Foundation, NFPA's research affiliate, initiated a research study, in collaboration with Jensen Hughes, to establish an understanding of the landscape of lithium-ion battery-based energy storage system deployments, their hazards and consequences, and the factors that should be considered for comprehensive protection and hazard mitigation strategies, in addition to developing a research roadmap to address existing knowledge gaps. For more information, a summary of this project is available here. This research, funded by the Foundation’s Energy Storage Research Consortium, will support the development of best practices and inform updates to relevant safety standards around energy storage systems.

To meet the objectives of this study, we invite owners, operators, manufacturers, installers/commissioners of battery energy storage systems, or other affiliated representatives to participate in an international questionnaire conducted as part of this study by the Fire Protection Research Foundation, NFPA's research affiliate, to collect information that establishes a comprehensive understanding of the full landscape of lithium-ion battery-based energy storage system installations/deployments. The questions seek to identify and categorize the types and non-proprietary characteristics of commercially available li-ion battery ESS installations, applications, use cases and the environment in which they are deployed (indoors or outdoors, type of construction, distance to combustibles, protection systems, etc.). This information is intended to support the assessment of ESS hazard mitigation strategies and the development of comprehensive protection strategies for the vast array of ESS deployments, in addition to exposing knowledge gaps in need of further research.

Your participation in this research questionnaire is voluntary. You may skip any question that you are not able to answer. Any information provided through this survey is completely anonymous.

If you have installations to report, we ask that you participate in this survey. It is estimated that the survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The deadline is July 15, 2022.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

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Victoria Hutchison
Research Project Manager, passionate about the advancement of fire protection, life safety and emerging technologies through the development of research at FPRF.

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