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Powering Through the 2023 NEC: Changes Session

Many people may not know that the evolution of NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®), has taken place uninterrupted since the code was introduced in 1897! The 2023 edition of the NEC is no exception.

During an early Monday morning session here at NFPA’s Conference & Expo, attendees got a glimpse at some of the major proposed changes to the 2023 NEC as outlined in the second draft. Did you know there were 4,006 public inputs submitted during the first draft stage of the process? That’s nearly 300 more than were submitted during the 2020 cycle! And all aimed at paving the way to a safe and efficient electrical future. Some of the key areas of focus for these inputs include:

  • Systems and equipment over 1,000 volts
  • Worker safety
  • Minimum size branch circuits
  • GFCI requirements for specific appliances
  • Kitchen island receptacles
  • Cannabis production facilities
  • Cybersecurity

During the presentation, David Williams, an electrical inspector for Delta Township in Lansing, Michigan, and Thomas Domitrovich, electrical engineer and vice president at Eaton, provided a broader look at each of these topics that they say, are likely to have a positive impact on electrical safety and installations.

The NEC continues to make strides to increase electrical safety and at the 2022 Technical Meeting on Thursday, we will learn about any further recommendations for amendments to the 2023 edition through previously submitted and Certified Amending Motions (CAMs). Then they’ll be voted on by eligible NFPA members. If there are any unsuccessful motions, they may be appealed to the Standards Council, which will convene in early August. As part of this August meeting, the Standards Council will hear the appeals on CAMs and once those decisions are rendered, the Standards Council will consider and make final determination of issuance of the 2023 edition.

Stay tuned for daily reports and get the latest news and information about the 2023 NEC from the Thursday NEC Technical Meeting by visiting the website.

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LisaMarie Sinatra
Communications Manager, Public Affairs Office

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