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By Asking for Home Fire Sprinklers when Planning or Building a Home, You Can Help Protect What You Value Most

As we wind down this year’s Home Fire Sprinkler Week campaign, we want to share with you today’s incredibly powerful theme: Protect What You Value Most. This has been the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s (HFSC) tagline for more than 25 years. Why? Because it truly sums up the benefit of having home fire sprinklers. Fires become deadly in as little as two minutes. That’s not a lot of time for anyone to escape, especially at night when people are sleeping.

Home fire sprinklers protect those that may have difficulty escaping on their own, like some older adults, people with some disabilities, young children, and our pets. And while home fire sprinklers are intended as a life-safety system, their added benefit is that they also protect our property and precious belongings.

Use our messages today to remind your community that there is no better home protection than fire sprinklers. When planning or building a new home, make the first priority to protect what you value most: ask for home fire sprinklers. The Home Fire Sprinkler Week Campaign is co-hosted by HFSC and NFPA.

Want to learn more? You can find free resources and a lot of great information related to today’s theme to share by visiting the HFSC webpage.



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Lorraine Carli
VP, Outreach & Advocacy, Working to save lives and property through awareness, action and collaborations.