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Foam Application for High Hazard Flammable Train (HHFT) Fires

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Foam Application for HIgh Hazard Flammable Train (HHFT) Fires"
Author: Brianna Gillespie and Gerard G. Back, Jensen Hughes; Bobby Breed, Specialized Response Solutions
Date of issue: August 2017


The overall goal of the project was to develop a compendium of foam application data and related fire suppression information on High Hazard Flammable Train (HHFT) fire events and three dimensional, free flowing flammable liquid fire scenarios. Through a literature review, information gathered from responders and technical response teams, and analysis of published after action reviews, the findings of this project serve to clarify the planning estimates for application of foam during suppression of an HHFT derailment incident for the responder community.