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Workshop: Power Over the Ethernet

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: “Workshop Proceedings: Power Over the Ethernet”
Author: Casey Grant & Jason Zhao
Date of issue: October 2017


The workshop goal was to facilitate a research planning effort for the consideration of concepts involving Power over the Ethernet (PoE), to identify and prioritizes knowledge gaps and recommend next steps and action items in support of the applicable codes and standards.

The workshop agenda included a review of previous work, on-going relevant work, discussion on data gaps on the topic, and recommendations for effective dissemination and future research. The key takeaways from the workshop re-affirmed the importance of this topic and its potential broad impact, and highlighted certain specific areas that need further attention. This included technical issues such as clarifying terminology, as well as non-technical issues such as the need for training and awareness campaigns. The key summary observations from this summit are the following:

  • Regulatory Coordination: define terminology; declare goals and objectives; clarify occupancies and applications; establish key attributes; facilitate enforcement; address products; and document coordination.
  • Key Technical Issues: define power versus communication; address intelligent coordinated power; outline risk analysis approaches; address data integrity; and clarify power supplies.
  • Research and Data: clarify predictive data analytics; address fundamental baseline issues; and address knowledge gaps.
  • Training, Education and Awareness: implement training and education; optimize format delivery; facilitate awareness outreach; and promote stakeholder engagement.