Technology Needs for Fire Prevention

September 2017, College Park, MD

The goals of the workshop were to review the state of the art in technology for fire prevention, with a particular focus on cooking fire prevention and smoke alarm technologies, and to explore how further technology developments might meet the needs of the community. Presentations from industry, academia and codes and standards bodies laid the framework for the state of the art and its implementation.

The second half of the workshop focused on the needs of the community: what are some of the limitations of current technology and other unmet needs; what are the barriers to the implementation to new technology; and finally, what is the role of the fire prevention community in driving toward technology solutions for fire safety. That role is threefold: as a communication bridge for new technology to the fire service and to high risk groups who might benefit from it; as an advocate for new technology solutions in regulation and with industry; and as a field data collection resource for the effectiveness and needed enhancements of technology.

Download the proceedings. (PDF)