September 17 – September 20, 2019
Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown, Denver, CO


Session I: Residential

Review of Audible Alarm Signal Waking Effectiveness (PDF)
Joshua B. Dinaburg, Jensen Hughes

Door Position Messaging Strategies (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Stephen M. Olenick, Haavard R. Boehmer, Michael S. Klassen, Combustion Science & Engineering

Assessment of Wireless Smoke Alarm Interconnect Signal Delay on Safe Egress (PDF)  Paper (PDF)
Thomas Cleary, Paul Reneke, Richard Peacock, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Evaluating Sensor Algorithms to Prevent Kitchen Cooktop Ignition and Ignore Normal Cooking (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Amy Mensch, Anthony Hamins, John Lu, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Session II: Notification

Development of a Research-Based Short Message Creation Tool for Wildfire Emergencies (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Jessica L. Doermann, University of Maryland
Erica D. Kuligowski, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Session III: Detection

Residential Fuel Gas Detection - Issues Pertaining to Detection, Hazard Identification and Fire Department Response
Stephen J. Jordan, Rodney Bentley, Noah L. Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC

Methods for Characterizing Theatrical and Real Smoke in Varying Ambient Environments for Inflight Certification of Aircraft Cargo Compartment Smoke Detection Systems (PDF)   Abstract (PDF)  Paper (PDF)
Matthew Karp, Robert I. Ochs, Federal Aviation Administration

Session IV: Data and Modeling

Generating Synthetic Sensor Data to Facilitate Machine Learning and Validate Predictive Analytics of Building Fire Hazard (PDF)  Paper (PDF)
Thomas Cleary, Wai Cheong (Andy) Tam, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Evaluation of Empirical Evidence against Zone Models for Smoke Detector Activation Prediction (PDF)
Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gabriel Taylor, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Session V: Standards

Update on UL 2524, Standard for In-Building 2-Way Emergency Radio Communications Enhancement Systems (PDF)
Lawrence J. Shudak, Underwriters Laboratories

Session VI:  Life Safety and Emerging Technologies

The Need for SPEed (PDF)
Peter Jones, Cisco
Bob Voss, Panduit Innovation Center

POE, IoT and Integrating Emergency Technology with Emerging Technology (PDF)
Denise Pappas, Valcom

Benefits of Using PoE in a Fire Alarm Systems (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Penny Xu, Texas Instruments

The Regulatory Environment for Emerging Technologies in Fire Safety for North America and Europe (PDF)
Lance Rütimann, Maria Marks, Siemens Smart Infrastructure



Session I:  Storage Protection
Full-Scale Fire Testing for Storage Protection under Sloped Ceilings (PDF)  (PDF)
Prateep Chatterjee, FM Global
Justin A. Geiman, Noah L. Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance

Obstructions and Early Suppression Fast Response Sprinklers-Ph. 4: The Latest Research (PDF) 
Garner A. Palenske, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Equivalent Protection Schemes for Fire Sprinkler Systems - Full-Scale Fire Testing for Performance-Based Fire Protection (PDF)
Ralph E. Bless, Jr., Telgian

Case Study: Separation of Electronic and ESFR Sprinklers in a Warehouse Facility (PDF) 
Zachary L. Magnone, Johnson Controls
Session II: Experimental Studies

Measuring Flow Rate in a Fire Hose with Accelerometers (PDF)  Paper (PDF)
Christopher U. Brown, Gregory W. Vogl,Wai Cheong (Andy) Tam, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Sprinkler Water Quality - Advancements in Dissecting Sprinkler Sprays (PDF)
Stephen J. Jordan, Justin Geiman, Rodney Bentley, Noah L. Ryder, Fire & Risk Alliance

Session III:  Lithium-Ion Batteries

Fixed Fire Suppression Systems for Electric Vehicles (PDF)   Abstract (PDF)
Ola Willstrand, R. Bisschop, M. Rosengren, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Coupled Sprinkler Protection and Installation Guidance for Li-Ion Battery Based Energy Storage Systems (PDF)
Benjamin Ditch, FM Global
R. Thomas Long, Jr., Exponent

Session IV:  Case Studies and Data

A Case Study in Utilizing an Existing High Rise Building's Fire Protection System Infrastructure for Fighting Exterior Façade Fires (PDF)
Milosh Puchovsky, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Zachary Magnone, Johnson Controls

A Data Enabled Approach to Prevent Fire Sprinkler Failures (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Pedriant Peña, Lucas Eidenmuller, Chad Goyette, Johnson Controls

Session V:  Special Applications

Antifreeze Solutions for Use in Fire Sprinkler Systems, UL 2901 (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Jeff Hebenstreit, Underwriters Laboratories

Vapor Mitigation Using Fixed Water Spray System (PDF)
Murtaza Gandhi, Alex Fergusson, Joseph Kao, Jin Zhao, BakerRisk

Session VI:  Foam, Gaseous and Clean Agents

An Evaluation of the Firefighting Effectiveness of Fluorine Free Foams (PDF)
Gerard Back, Brianna Gillespie, Jensen Hughes

Case Study: Novel, Sustainable Fire Protection Solution to Protect Gas Turbines (PDF)  Paper (PDF)
Nick Johnson, 3M Company
Chris Vanderstokker, ETG Fire

Fire Protection of at Risk Groups by IG-541 and Water Based Sprinklers: Full Scale Tests (PDF)  Abstract (PDF)
Arjen Kraaijeveld, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences