SUPDET 2018 presentations

September 11 – September 14, 2018
Embassy Suites Raleigh-Durham-Research Triangle East, Cary, NC



Tuesday, September 11


Research Needs for the Fire Safety Engineering Profession: The SFPE Roadmap (PDF)
Chris Jelenewicz, SFPE

Session I: Testing

Impacts of Real and Simulated Test Smoke on Electronic Circuitry (PDF)
Joshua Dinaburg and Rachel Bourassa, Jensen Hughes

Challenges in Utilizing Multi-Criteria Smoke Sensing to Pass the New UL Fire Tests and Why Artificial Intelligence is Needed (PDF)
Eric Gonzales, Vistatech Labs Inc.

Session II: Residential

Development of Tools to Evaluate the Impact of New Residential Fire Protection Technology (PDF)
Paul Reneke, Morgan Bruns, Richard Peacock, Thomas Cleary, and Stanley Gilbert, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Investigation into Failures of Smoke Alarms in Non-Fire Scenarios (PDF)
Arthur Lee, Consumer Product Safety Commission

Development of a Pre-Ignition Detection Algorithm for Kitchen Cooktop Fires (PDF)
Amy Mensch and Anthony Hamins, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Session III: Modeling

Modeling Smoke Detector Activation (PDF)
Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology and Gabriel Taylor, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Scattering Matrix Analysis of Fire and Non-fire Aerosols for Classification and Implications for Smoke Detector Design (PDF)
Qixing Zhang and Yongming Zhang, State Key Laboratory of Fire Science, University of Science and Technology of China

CFD Modeling Study on Smoke Detection in Clean Rooms and Code Requirements (PDF)
Steven Joseph and Yun Jiang, Xtralis

Wednesday, September 12

Session IV:  Integrated Systems and Smart Buildings

Big Data and Real Time Analytics: Use of a Hierarchical Temporal Memory Continuous Learning Algorithm for Fire State Determination (PDF)
Noah L. Ryder and Justin A. Geiman, Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC and Elizabeth J. Weckman, University of Waterloo

Emerging Technology and the Intelligent Building (PDF)
Maria Marks, Siemens

The Internet of Things (IoT) and its Impact on Fire Protection Systems Design & Installation (PDF)
Wayne Moore, Jensen Hughes

Challenges with the Use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) for Fire Alarm (PDF)
Casey Grant, Fire Protection Research Foundation

Are you Ready and do you have the Skill Sets? (PDF)
Lance Rütimann, Siemens

ESS Engineering Design Challenge

Wednesday, September 12


Thursday, September 13

Session I:  Storage Protection

Automatic Sprinklers and Pick Modules (PDF)
Stuart Lloyd, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. and Richard Gallagher, The Zurich Services Corporation

Storage Protection in the Presence of Horizontal Barriers or Solid Shelving (PDF)
Garner A. Palenske, Jensen Hughes

Use of SMART Sprinklers to Reduce Water Demand for Occupancies with Low-Piled Storage of Plastics (PDF)
Yogish Gopala, Stanislav Kostka, Benjamin Ditch, and Yibing Xin, FM Global

Session II: Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage System Research and Engineering Design Challenges (PDF)
Casey Grant, Fire Protection Research Foundation

Fire Fighter Safety in Battery Energy Storage System Fires (PDF)
Kevin Marr and Erik Archibald, University of Texas

Update on Development of Sprinkler Protection for Li-Ion Battery based Energy Storage Systems (PDF)
Benjamin Ditch, FM Global

Session III:  Special Suppression Applications

Exterior Fire Suppression Systems for High-Rise Buildings with Combustible Cladding (PDF)    Extended abstract (PDF)
Pedriant Pena and Zachary L. Magnone, Johnson Controls

Not your Average K-Factor: A Novel Sprinkler Comparison Tool (PDF)
Stephen Jordan, Fire & Risk Alliance, LLC

Friday, September 14

Session IV:  Gaseous and Clean Agents

A Case Study in Oxygen Reduction Systems: Protecting the Star Spangled Banner (PDF)
James H. Call, Smithsonian Institution

Discharge Characteristics of the Super-Pressurized Halocarbon Clean Agents (PDF)
Arash Aran, Johnson Controls Inc.

Noise Measurement Technique and Metrics for Fire Suppression Nozzles (PDF)
Sudarshan Koushik, Duane McCormick, and May Corn, United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), Paul Johnson, United Technologies

Carbon Dioxide Flow Calculations (PDF)
Eric Forssell, Jensen Hughes

A First Look at NFPA 770, Standard on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems
Barry Chase, NFPA