Global Research Update: High Challenge Storage Protection

May 22, 2014, London, England

Opening Remarks
Peter Holland, Chief Fire and Rescue Advisor, UK Government

An Overview of Global Warehouse Configurations and Challenges (PDF, 5 MB)
Christina Francis, P&G Corporation, USA

Emerging Hazards in Recycling Facilities (PDF, 2 MB)
Stuart Lloyd, Zurich Insurance, UK
Mark Andrews, London Fire Brigade, UK

Experience from Fire Sprinkler Tests in a Shuttle Storage System (PDF, 7 MB)
Magnus Arvidson, SP, Sweden

Protection Strategies for High Hazard Plastic Storage Contents (PDF, 2 MB)
Steven Wolin, Code Consultants, Inc., USA
Tom Pedersen, IKEA, Sweden

New Knowledge in Warehouse Storage Protection, FM Global Corporation, USA
Distilled Spirits Cased Goods Storage (PDF, 466 KB), Seth Sienkiewicz
Banded/Unbanded Roll Paper Hazards (PDF, 2 MB), Seth Sienkiewicz
Lithium Ion Batteries Flammability Characterization (PDF, 2 MB), Benjamin Ditch

Learning from History - Solid Shelf Protection Strategies (PDF, 837 KB)
Garner Palenske, AON, USA