Fire Protection for a Changing World

April 18, 2016
Munich, Germany

Emerging Issues Symposium Brief (PDF)

Trends Impacting Fire Protection (PDF, 12 MB)
Dr. Guillermo Rein, Imperial College, UK

Emergency Responder Perspective for the 21st Century (PDF, 3 MB)
Chief Albrecht Broemme, Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Germany

Economic and Environmental Impacts of Fire Events (PDF, 2 MB)
Dr. Francine Amon, SP, Sweden

Intelligent Building Design for the 21st Century (PDF, 6 MB)
Peter Weismantle, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture LLP, USA

Fire Protection for Tall Wood Buildings (PDF 1 MB)
Birgit Östman, SP, Sweden

New Technology for Sprinklered High-Challenge Warehouses (PDF 2 MB)
Christina Francis, P&G, USA

Wind Turbine Fire Protection (PDF, 5 MB)
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Henry Seifert, Hochschule Bremerhaven; University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Photovoltaic Systems: US and European Perspective
Richard Gallagher (PDF, 762 KB), Zurich Services Corporation, USA and Marc Van de Velde (PDF, 2 MB), XL Catlin, Germany

Electrical Energy Storage: Lithium-Ion Batteries (PDF, 1 MB)
Ben Ditch, FM Global, USA

Panel Presentations and Discussion
John Bonney (PDF, 1.7 MB), Alendi Consulting Ltd. (UK); Nicky Van Oorschot (PDF, 1.7 MB), Netages (Netherlands); Matt Klaus (PDF, 946 KB), NFPA (USA)