LNG model evaluation protocol and validation database update

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Evaluating Vapor Dispersion Models for Safety Analysis of LNG Facilities" (PDF)  Appendix B (PDF)
Author: M.J. Ivings, S.E. Gant, S.F. Jagger, C.J. C.J. Lea, J.R. Stewart and D.M. Webber
Date of issue: September 2016

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Guide to the LNG Model Validation Database Version 12" (PDF)
Author: J.R. Stewart, S. Coldrick, C.J. Lea, S.E. Gant, M.J. Ivings
Date of issue: September 2016

Recent trends in use and production of natural gas has increased attention to liquefied natural gas (LNG). Dozens of LNG export facilities are currently under construction or seeking permits to build on U.S. shores. One important consideration for LNG facility design and siting is vapor dispersion modeling.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation has previously conducted projects on this topic including: Model Evaluation Protocol (MEP) Report – “Evaluating Vapor Dispersion Models for Safety Analysis of LNG Facilities” and Model Validation Database Guide – “Validation Database for Evaluating Vapor Dispersion Models for Safety Analysis of LNG Facilities: Guide to the LNG Model Validation Database.” Since the publication of these reports and release of the database additional requirements have been published and mistakes or omissions in the database have been found.

The goal of this project is to make corrections to the database and update in accordance with additional regulatory requirements. The objectives for this project include:

  • Correct mistakes or omissions in data
  • Incorporate changes required by the PHMSA Advisory Bulletin (Docket No. PHMSA-2016-0226)
  • Provide clearer gudisace to users on the calculation of statistical performance measures (SPMs) and other metrics
  • Document changes made to the MEP report, MVD guide, and Excel spreadsheets

A copy of the LNG Model Validation Database Version 12 is available in Microsoft Excel Worksheet format. To request a copy of the database, please contact the Foundation.