Hydrogen refueling code gap assessment

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Download the executive summary. (PDF, 43 KB)

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Hydrogen Refueling Code Gap Assessment" (PDF, 619 KB)
Author: FP2FIRE, Inc.
Date of issue: March 2013


As part of its goal to support the development of codes and standards for hydrogen technology, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory requested that the Foundation conduct a study to identify gaps and conflicts in current codes and standards addressing the construction permitting of refueling stations for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) as well as other hydrogen facilities. Once these conflicts and gaps are recognized, proposed resolutions for the relevant codes and standards are provided. In general, the requirements within relevant codes and standards should be harmonized in order to simplify the planning, design and construction requirements for gaseous hydrogen refueling stations from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This harmonization has already been accomplished to a large degree due to the continued efforts of the responsible Technical Committees (TCs). This report offers a fresh look at the current requirements and offers suggestions for the continued improvement of hydrogen codes and standards.