Top 10 Deadliest Wildland Firefighter Fatality Incidents


Event  Date    Number of firefighter deaths

The Devil’s Broom Wildland Fire
St. Joe Valley, Idaho

 August 20, 1910  78
The Griffith Park Fire Forest Fire
Las Angeles, California
 October 3, 1933  29
Yarnell Hill Fire
Yarnell, Arizona
 June 30, 2013  19
Rattlesnake Fire
Mendocino National Forest Fire
Willows, California
 July 6, 1953  15
Blackwater Forest Fire
Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming
 August 21, 1937  15

Wildland Fire
South Canyon
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

 July 6, 1994  14
Mann Gulch Fire
Helena National Forest
Helena, Montana
 August 5, 1949  13
The Loop Fire Disaster
Forest Fire
Los Angeles, California
 November 1, 1966  12
Wildland Fire
Hauser Canyon Fire
Cleveland National Forest, California
 October 1, 1943  11
Wildland Fire
Inaja Fire
Cleveland National Forest, California
 November 24, 1956  11

Death tolls are based on information in NFPA’s records. Please contact us to provide any updated information. 

Source: NFPA’s Fire Incident Data Organization data base and NFPA archive files. 

Updated 6/17