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Fire Fighter Equipment Operational Environment: Evaluation of Thermal Conditions

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Fire Fighter Equipment Operational Environment: Evaluation of Thermal Conditions" 
Author: Daniel Madrzykowski, UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute
Date of issue: August 2017


The thermal exposure from the modern fire environment was characterized through the review of fire research studies and fire-ground incidents that provided insight and data to develop a range of quantification. This information was compared with existing standards for firefighting protective equipment to generate a sense of the gap between known information and the need for improved understanding. The comparison of fire conditions with the thermal performance requirements of firefighter protective gear and equipment demonstrates that a fire in a compartment can generate conditions that can fail the equipment that a firefighter wears or uses.  

The Fire Protection Research Foundation expresses gratitude to the report author Daniel Madrzykowski, who is with UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute located in Columbia, Maryland. The Research Foundation appreciates the guidance provided by the Project Technical Panelists and all others that contributed to this research effort. Thanks are also expressed to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for providing the project funding through the NFPA Annual Research Fund and the Jim Shannon ProQual sponsorship provided by Pro Board® Fire Service Professional Qualifications System.