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Non-Fire Electrical Incidents

Report: NFPA's "Non-Fire Electrical Incidents"
Author: Marty Ahrens
Issued: May 2017

Report highlights

  • During 2014, local fire departments responded to an estimated 385,700 non-fire electrical incidents.
  • 41% of the non-fire electrical incidents were downed power lines, 1% were electrical rescues, and the remaining 58% involved some type of electrical failure.
  • Most types of non-fire electrical incidents were more common on outside or residential properties. More than one-third (37%) occurred on road or parking properties; 30% occurred at one- or two-family homes
    • Roughly three out of five (58%) incidents with downed power lines occurred on road, street, highway or parking property while 22% occurred at one- or two-family homes.
    • Residential properties, particularly one- or two-family homes, were the leading property types in most of the remaining types of non-fire electrical incidents


2014 Fire department responses to non-fire electrical incidents by incident type
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