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Fire resistance of concrete for electrical conductors

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: “Fire Resistance of Concrete for Electrical Conductors"
Authors: Caitlyn Peterson, Fire Protection Research Foundation
Date of issue: December 2018


Electrical feeders for critical fire protection equipment such as fire pumps and emergency systems need to be protected from the thermal effects of fire. The 2017 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC) allows conductors to be installed under 2-inches of concrete to provide this thermal protection in several places including sections in Articles 230, 695, 700, and 708. This is intended to provide a 2-hour fire rating equivalent to locating the conductor outside of the building. The fire resistance and thermal protection of concrete is dependent on several factors including aggregate and application. The goal of this project is to synthesis the parameters that effect the thermal protection of concrete for electric wiring through a thorough literature review and gap analysis. Project tasks include:

  • Literature Review: Search the literature for studies, research reports, and peer reviewed journals that pertain to the fire resistance capabilities of concrete.
  • Gap Analysis: Identify gaps in available information for determining required concrete thickness for providing thermal protection of electrical conductors.
  • Final Report: Synthesis findings from task 1 (literature review) and task 2 (gap analysis) to provide clarity on the thermal resistance of concrete to protect electrical conductors.