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Fatal electrical injuries at work

Report: NFPA's "Fatal work injuries caused by exposure to electricity in 2020"
Author: Richard Campbell
Issued: May 2022

Report highlights

  • 126 workers died from exposure to electricity in 2020.
  • By occupation, workers in construction and extraction occupations (44% of total) accounted for the largest number of deaths, followed by those in installation, maintenance, and repair occupations (20%) and building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations (13%).
  • Slightly more than three in five (645) fatal injuries from direct exposure to electricity occurred while workers were engaged in constructing, repairing, or cleaning activities.
  • One-third (33%) of the fatal injuries occurred at a private resident while another 31 percent took place at an industrial site.
  • Almost three in five injuries (56%) were caused by direct exposure to electricity, defined as injuries caused by direct contact with the power source, such as direct contact with a live electrical wire or when the victim is struck by an electrical arc.