Analytical Modeling of Pan and Oil Heating On an Electric Coil Cooktop

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Download the executive summary. (PDF, 18 KB)

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Analytical Modeling of Pan and Oil Heating on an Electric Coil Cooktop" (PDF, 3 MB)
Author: Primaira, LLC
Date of issue: September 2014


This report is part of a series of reports of research conducted at the Foundation to support the development of standard test methods and evaluation criteria for technologies to prevent cooking fires.  This report presents the results of a mathematical model of cooking pan and oil heating processes. This model can be used to compare the oil ignition data collected at different testing labs that use different pans, oils, cooktops, and other test parameters. The model can also be used to fill gaps between test points to define worst case test scenarios, test sensitivities, and areas for additional testing.