Aircraft Loading Walkways Literature and Information Review

Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "Aircraft Loading Walkways - Literature and Information Review" (PDF)
Author: Joshua D. Swann and Joseph L. Scheffey, Hughes Associates
Date of issue: May 2014


There are several boarding bridge manufacturers that build glass bridges, which are currently permitted in countries that have not adopted NFPA standards. The Technical Committee for NFPA 415, Standard on Airport Terminal Buildings, Fueling Ramp Drainage, and Loading Walkways, would like more information about the global experience using glass boarding bridges including fire resistance of the bridges, fire test methods, use of alternate/additional escape routes from the plane, and psychology/sociology of occupants that must egress through a glass boarding bridge with a large fire outside/below.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF) responded to the NFPA 415 committee request by sponsoring a project to investigate the many factors associated with glass loading walkways. This involved a literature search/information gathering project performed by a student intern. This intern was mentored by a senior engineer familiar with aviation safety and fire protection. A technical panel, comprised of professionals in the field of aviation safety and fire protection, was formed to provide input s well as review the results.

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