Technical Meeting

Looking ahead to the Technical Meeting in Las Vegas next summer, the event is planned to commence on Thursday, June 22nd at 8:00 a.m. with the presentation of Committee Service and Special Achievement Awards. At the conclusion of awards recognition, presentation and debate of certified amending motions will begin. If necessary, based upon the number of Certified Amending Motions, the 2023 event will continue on Friday, June 23rd to allow additional time for full debate and action. Final details of the Technical Meeting scheduling, as well as the full agenda of all certified amending motions to be debated and acted upon each day, will post on this site once finalized by the Motions Committee on or before May 9, 2023. 

Did you know: Preparations for the 2023 Technical Meeting are in full swing. The Report of the Motions Committee for Fall standards is posted. Soon, all eligible Annual 2023 standards will open for filing of NITMAMs. 

Please note: In general, the NFPA Standards to be presented for action at the 2023 Tech Session are those with amending motions submitted to NFPA in advance of the meeting and certified by the Motions Committee of the Standards Council. Please check back periodically for updates and additional important information. The complete technical committee records (First Draft Report and Second Draft Report) documenting all revisions created during the revision cycle and relative materials are accessible on the Next Edition tab of the specific document’s information page (e.g. for NFPA 101, Life Safety Code®, for NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code, etc.) for your review at any time. Anyone who has been a continuously active member of the association since December 24, 2022, and is registered for the 2023 Tech Session, will be eligible to vote on all CAMs.

Annual 2023 revision cycle

  • March 28, 2023:  Deadline for Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) on Standards in Annual 2023 cycle.
  • January 5, 2023: Deadline for Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM) on NFPA 1Fire Code.
    • NFPA 1 did not receive NITMAMs.  Anyone wishing to appeal, may do so by January 21, 2023 to the Secretary, Standards Council in accordance with the Regulations.  Please see individual standards page for more information.

Fall 2022 revision cycle