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2 Hydrogen Technologies Code
14 Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems
22 Standard for Water Tanks for Private Fire Protection
45 Standard on Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals
56 Standard for Fire and Explosion Prevention During Cleaning and Purging of Flammable Gas Piping Systems
58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code
59A Standard for the Production, Storage, and Handling of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
68 Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting
85 Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code
120 Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Coal Mines
122 Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Metal/Nonmetal Mining and Metal Mineral Processing Facilities
140 Standard on Motion Picture and Television Production Studio Soundstages, Approved Production Facilities, and Production Locations
253 Standard Method of Test for Critical Radiant Flux of Floor Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat Energy Source
259 Standard Test Method for Potential Heat of Building Materials
260 Standard Methods of Tests and Classification System for Cigarette Ignition Resistance of Components of Upholstered Furniture
261 Standard Method of Test for Determining Resistance of Mock-Up Upholstered Furniture Material Assemblies to Ignition by Smoldering Cigarettes
262 Standard Method of Test for Flame Travel and Smoke of Wires and Cables for Use in Air-Handling Spaces
265 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Evaluating Room Fire Growth Contribution of Textile or Expanded Vinyl Wall Coverings on Full Height Panels and Walls
270 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Smoke Obscuration Using a Conical Radiant Source in a Single Closed Chamber
274 Standard Test Method to Evaluate Fire Performance Characteristics of Pipe Insulation
276 Standard Method of Fire Test for Determining the Heat Release Rate of Roofing Assemblies with Combustible Above-Deck Roofing Components
286 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Evaluating Contribution of Wall and Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth
289 Standard Method of Fire Test for Individual Fuel Packages
290 Standard for Fire Testing of Passive Protection Materials for Use on LP-Gas Containers
495 Explosive Materials Code
498 Standard for Safe Havens and Interchange Lots for Vehicles Transporting Explosives
505 Fire Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks Including Type Designations, Areas of Use, Conversions, Maintenance, and Operations
701 Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films
705 Recommended Practice for a Field Flame Test for Textiles and Films
730 Guide for Premises Security
731 Standard for the Installation of Premises Security Systems
914 Code for the Protection of Historic Structures
2800 Standard on Facility Emergency Action Plans