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First Draft Reports & Second Draft Reports

First Draft Reports
The First Draft Report serves as documentation of the Input Stage and is published for public review and comment. The First Draft Report contains a compilation of the First Draft of the NFPA Standard, First Revisions, Public Input, Committee Input, Committee Statements, and Ballot Results and Statements. Where applicable, the First Draft Report also contains First Correlating Revisions, Correlating Notes, and Correlating Input. The Report also contains a list of Technical Committee and Correlating Committee Members. 

Second Draft Reports
Part two of the Technical Committee Report, which documents the Comment Stage. It consists of the Second Draft, Public Comments with corresponding Committee Actions and Committee Statements, Correlating Notes and their respective Committee Statements, Committee Comments, Correlating Revisions, and Ballot Statements. The Report also contains a list of Technical Committee and Correlating Committee Members.

The process of public input and review does not end with the publication of the First Draft Report and the Second Draft Report. For further information on First Draft Report, Second Draft Report, and Notice of Intent to Make a Motion (NITMAM), see the  NFPA's Standards Development Process.

View archived ROPs and ROCs by selecting a document, use the pull-down menu for “Edition to Display”, and select “Archived revision information”.