Regulations governing NFPA chapters

  1. Subject to approval of the Board of Directors of the NFPA, groups of Members having a distinct regional or national identification may be organized in regional Chapters of the NFPA, by action of the Board of Directors of the NFPA. The qualifications for membership in every Chapter shall be specifically defined in that Chapter’s Charter and Bylaws. Groups or organizations desiring to become Chapters shall submit their proposals to the Board of Directors of the NFPA for action.
  2. Membership of Chapters shall be confined to Members of the NFPA and representatives of Organization Members.
  3. Chapters may elect their own officers and formulate their own Bylaws and procedures, provided that they are consistent with the Articles of Organization, the Bylaws, the Regulations Governing Committee Projects, and the general policies of the NFPA. The Bylaws and procedures of a Chapter must have the approval of the Board of Directors of the NFPA. All minutes of the Chapter shall be in or translated into English and if translated shall be certified or approved by an officer of the Chapter, who did not undertake such translation, prior to entry in the records of the Chapter or the NFPA.
  4. Chapters may hold meetings for discussion, interchange of information, and promotion of the objectives of their membership, and otherwise operate as they may desire consistent with the general policies of the NFPA. Meetings of Chapters may be held at such time and place as the Chapter may desire.
  5. Chapter meetings shall be open to all Members of the NFPA, except that Chapters may hold closed sessions with attendance limited to Members of the Chapter, NFPA Officers and members of the Board of Directors of the NFPA, and staff representatives.
  6. On all actions or resolutions that might tend to commit the NFPA to a policy, the Chapter must submit such proposed actions or resolutions to the Board of Directors of the NFPA for approval. Chapter policies, resolutions, and positions are limited to internal Chapter operations only. Chapters may not adopt, publicize, or promote any policies, positions, or resolutions except as provided herein.
  7. Chapters shall only solicit dues or funds or accept contributions in cash or kind, in accordance with guidelines established by the Board of Directors of the NFPA.\
  8. Chapters shall not incur financial obligations or commit themselves or the NFPA to any expenditures unless previously authorized by the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors of the NFPA, or by action of the Board of Directors of the NFPA, or pursuant to Guidelines referred to in the previous section.
  9. The NFPA Regional Representative or other member of the NFPA Staff, as designated by NFPA management, shall be the Secretary of each Chapter, shall be aware of all actions of the Chapters, and shall otherwise provide service for Chapters in accordance with authorization by the Board of Directors of the NFPA.
  10. Chapters may be represented on Technical Committees of the NFPA in accordance with the Regulations Governing Committee Projects.
  11. The Board of Directors of the NFPA, after due notice and hearing, may suspend or terminate any Chapter that does not conform to these regulations or whose members do not show sufficient interest to justify continuance of the Chapter organization.

Guidelines of the Board of Directors Issued Pursuant to Section 7 of the Regulations Governing NFPA Chapters

A Chapter may as a Chapter solicit funds only for the following purposes and may hold funds derived from any source, only as follows:

1. Funds may be solicited and held:

  • For the sale of NFPA memberships and/or publications pursuant to a distribution agreement approved by NFPA management
  • For specific Chapter events or meetings with approval of the NFPA Representative
  • For support of fire or other safety-related programs to be held in its region, as approved by the NFPA Representative

2. Funds derived as above may be held only as follows:

  • In an account available to the NFPA regional representative and to which a report, at least monthly, is given to the NFPA regional representative
  • For incidental, legal, or audit costs required by local law in its region.

3. Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the Chapter for any reason, all funds collected shall become the property of NFPA and shall be used first to pay any outstanding obligations of the Chapter and then remitted to the general NFPA treasury.