Paul C. Lamb Award

The Paul C. Lamb Award was established to honor members whose service to NFPA characterizes the height of volunteer spirit and deed. It is the highest award that NFPA bestows.

The selection criteria fall into six categories:

  1. The impact of the individual’s service on NFPA’s goals.
  2. The extent to which that service represents a broad range of responsibility and achievement.
  3. The extent to which that service has been significant on different levels of NFPA activity.
  4. The duration of that service.
  5. The individual’s achievements in fire safety.
  6. The personal attributes of the individual

Paul Lamb’s life was a legacy of service to NFPA and to the cause of fire safety that many individuals will strive for but few will attain. Recipients of the award must provide service that equals or surpasses the depth and range of service that Paul Lamb gave to NFPA for more than 35 years.

Award selection is done by the Lamb Award Selection Committee, a committee of the board with representation from the Standards Council and the membership at large.

Recipients to date

  • 2022 Keith Williams
  • 2010 John J. O'Sullivan
  • 2008 J. Kenneth Richardson
  • 2006 Russell P. Fleming
  • 2004 Jack Wells
  • 2003 Chester W. Schirmer
  • 2002 Martin H. Reiss
  • 2001 Alan Brunacini
  • 2000 Walter Smittle III
  • 1999 G. Richard Morris
  • 1997 Rolf H. Jensen
  • 1995 Richard G. Biermann
  • 1993 Donald J. Keigher
  • 1992 Warren E. Jackson
  • 1991 Jack A. Bono
  • 1988 J. Armand Burgun
  • 1987 John L. Jablonsky
  • 1986 John L. Bryan
  • 1983 Alan Stevens
  • 1981 Joseph E. Johnson
  • 1980 Paul C. Lamb